Healthy and informed women are stronger women.
A project designed at empowering women to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. This new project started with bio-intensive gardening, nutrition and health education, and cooking and food preservation activities.

Apoyo wants to provide an environment where women encourage and learn from one another and in turn, strengthen their communities.

This past year. 33 hardworking women in a rural village called Banda started working together with the implementation of one School Garden as well as private vegetable gardens for their families.



The EMLP seeks to empower poor entrepreneurs by increasing access to business credit, by making no-interest loans and, most importantly, by providing technical and leadership training. Apoyo’s support to new business owners enables them to realize their dreams, become the catalysts for positive economic and social change in their communities, and allow them to support their families.



This program provides an elementary school curriculum designed to teach children financial literacy and critical thinking – in effect, to help them develop financial and civic responsibility. Incorporating financial literacy classes into the school curriculum makes a lot of sense in Mexico where there is a very low rate of commitment to long term financial savings. So much of the population lives from one paycheck to the next and does not put money aside. When families don’t save, it is unlikely they will be able to invest in new businesses, in higher education, deal with unexpected medical emergencies and other costly unforeseen events.
The Student Work/Study Program (SWSP) was begun in 2013 and currently works with 6 high schools in 6 communities near San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, with the objective of preparing adolescents for jobs after graduation. During their senior year of high school, our program manager visits schools and offers a variety of workshops such as Human development, Leadership, Effective Communication, Making decisions, Values, critical thinking, and others. Additional classes such as English and computer skills are available at Apoyo’s office or at the Universidad de Leon free of charge. Apoyo serves as a conduit through which motivated graduates can become prepared with the important skills that companies seek.
The SWSP fulfill its mission by: – Teaching rural high school students how to make a life plan. – Selecting students to enter into an Educational Program on Computer and English when they graduate. – Placing selected students at well paid jobs.


The Learning Center

In the year 2014, The Apoyo´s learning center was inaugurated. The learning center provides training and mentoring to entrepreneurs from the rural area and low income neighborhoods. Apoyo wants to provide an environment where womenen courage and learn from one another in order to create a better life for their families in the future. The education and training is aimed at enhancing self-esteem, strengthening security, and eventually, preparing for the opportunity to create their own income-producing activities in their community. The learning center provides training and mentoring to entrepreneurs from the rural area and low income neighborhoods. *English Classes *Computer Classes *Personal Development *Business Management

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